Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Click here to view Color Options for Feather Hair Extensions: Here is the list of feather colors that I have:
Natural (black and white)
Rusty Orange
Golden Yellow (gold and black)
Furnace Brown
Mint Green
Hot Pink
Evening Blue
Baby Blue
Baby Pink

How To Video

This video shows how the extensions will be applied. I use the same method and offer the same feathers shown here. It is a great way to see how easy the process is and how fun it can be to style your new look!

Celeb Sighting!

If you look closely here you will see that Miley’s highlights and lowlights are actually feathers!


Plume4You is a new business that strives to bring the best quality in feather hair extensions to its clients. With over 15 colors to choose from Plume4You allows you to create custom feather hair extensions. The best part about these extensions is that they last up to 6 weeks and can be washed, blown dry, flat ironed, and curled! You can style them just like you would regular hair extensions. They are also secured using micro links that are silicone lined promising that no damage will be caused to your hair. Feel free to email us at  for further information and to learn how to purchase. Plume4You has one of the largest selections of colors and all are currently in-stock! Contact us for pricing!